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We expect new kittens in June.
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Mila & Rick Denny

Idaho, USA

December 1999


  • The International Cat Association (TICA)
  • Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)

    The controlled breeding of European Burmese cats.

    Our goal is to breed healthy, strong, gentle, and beautiful cats, able to compete in world class competition. Many of our cats are recognized as champions in CFA, ACFA, TICA, and WCF, and have often been victorious at shows sponsored by ACFA, CFF, TICA, WCF and MFA.

    We test our cats for FIV, FeLV, HK and GM2 and can certify that our cattery is free of all. We treat all of our kittens for parasites and worms, and vaccinate them at least twice for FVRCP. We weigh our kittens at least twice a day for the first month after birth, and subsequently every two weeks, in order to ensure that they are developing correctly. When they are 3 weeks of age, we begin to wean them, by introducing them to other foods, and train them to use the toilet. We also teach them where it is acceptable to stretch their claws (not on the furniture, please) and get them used to having their nails clipped.

    All of our cats have wonderful dispositions and make great family cats. But we certainly also try to breed good show qualities into our cats, our future champions. For us, participating in cat shows is a true joy! Our foundation European Burmese cats come from Australian lines. We register all of our kittens and cats with CFA, TICA, or both.

    All of our cats and kittens are bred for the indoors; but, when weather permits, we allow them access to a special outdoor run, where they can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. We keep our kittens apart from other cats, except of course their mothers, while they are in their initial formative periods. Gradually, we give them access to the rest of the house, where they can learn to socialize. We think that it is vitally important to their development that we communicate with them often and treat each one as a member of our family, not as a product to be shipped off at the earliest convenience.

    Our cats and kittens get a lot of love and attention. We watch their health and work closely with our veterinarian to keep them healthy. We try to teach them "correct behavior," but anyone who loves cats knows that they can be stubborn :)) We do not keep our cats in cages unless absolutely necessary, such as "quarantine" of a new arrival. Most walk freely about our house, which has enough room to keep the boys away from the girls when we are not ready for another litter! In this way, we encourage their socialization with people and with other animals, making them gentle and loving in return.

    You would not be making a mistake when buying a kitten from the Sacred Spirit Cattery. Our kittens are bred and raised to steal your hearts! They are wonderful in families with children and other pets. They do not like to be alone. If you have no other pets in your home, you might consider getting two kittens. It is not unusual for people to return to us after their first kitten for that very reason.

    "Happy is the home with at least one cat." {Italy}

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